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Radiation Update: What to do about it?

by | May 5, 2011 | Archived Material, May 2011

I have put out the technical information about Radiation Contamination and the fact that there is no way that the highs levels being seen in the US, Canada, and around the world can be contributed to…in any way…by the incidents “allegedly” occurring in Japan.   If you are interested in monitoring or verifying some of this information go to  However, be warned because the Matrix System (the U.S., Canada, etc.) are taking down the sensors and/or sensor data from the monitoring facilities.  If you have been to the website before, there are fewer sites reporting, even in Japan; than there were 3 to 4 weeks ago.

04/19/2011 @ 1:20pm-est: Radiation Levels Higher in US than Japan at all Reporting Posts

It is now a moot point as to “where” this the Radiation and/or “fallout” is coming from.  I would be willing to bet that most members on MATRIX SOLUTIONS know about UN Agenda 21 and the Georgia Guide-Stones.   Both show a written “idea” that global population to numbers  should be or are soon going to be between 1/2 billion and 1 billion people.  Agenda 21 states that this level is to be reached by 2015.   Whether this occurs or not; it is very apparent that the agenda in the Northern Hemisphere is pandemic and sterilization.  Radiation and Radioactive particles destroy internal organs, immunity, and proper reproductive capabilities.


There really is nothing more to add about the “problem”.   More importantly now is what to do for one’s own personal safety and that of their loved one and/or Posterity?

Radiation remediation and clean-up issues are discussed in the first audio.   I need to mention that this is audio only, because Gerry (in  Canada) and I were discussing his purchase of potassium iodide.  With me on the phone, Gerry called a company from which he had ordered a 10-day supply of P-Iodide for 20+ dollars.  The first 5-minutes of the audio is a conversation with that company.

The second audio discusses the use of Zeolite and Emergency Clean Water.   The second audio is over 2 years old, before these concerns.  But, it is common knowledge among the medical profession and nuclear clean-up engineering crews that Zeolite (in clinoptilolite form) is the #1 material used for radiation de-contamination.

NOTE: If you have not heard yet, we have remedied the servers issues and the speed of the website is greatly improved.  We will be continuing to make adjustments to increase performance.

All the best,

David Williams


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