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Radiation Update

by | Apr 14, 2011 | April 2011, Archived Material

“Melt-down” or “Fall-out”…which one is the World doing?

Well, it’s Thursday morning; April 14 in the year 2011….Pope Central Time thanks to the global adoption of the Copyrighted Time of Pope Gregory who “gave” the World it’s time.  (hmmm…let’s meditate and contemplate the “legal and lawful and contractual OBLIGATIONS and ACQUIESCENCE of that one for a minute or two.  Do you mean to imply (imp-lie) that someone has copyrighted TIME?)  I will have to admit that for someone who studies words, languages, diction, “sentencing procedure”, syntax….I have very little to say at the moment about this topic.

(Uh-oh…”sin-tense” and “sin-tax”…you’re gonna learn as I have that “it never stops”, so I’m not even going there today.)

Watch the youtube clip and listen to the audio.  I believe that it says everything succinctly regarding the “News Med-iums re-PORTING” about Global Events.

News….?  Nothing new about the False Re-Port-ing.

Med–iums…MedIA…Medya….the Medes against Yah.  Well, would that be the “false witness/witch/prophet/profit”?

Re-PORT….the merger of Admiralty, Religious terminology, Commerce.  It must be Imp-PORT-ant.

Here’s the stuff I don’t make up….STUDY TO FIND “AP-PROVE-AL”….A-Proof-of-All; test All things.  (I guess I’m going there after all.)

The name “Vatican” predates Christianity and comes from the Latin Mons Vaticanus, meaning Vatican Mount. The territory of Vatican City is part of the Mons Vaticanus, and of the adjacent former Vatican Fields.

rom L. mons Vaticanus, Roman hill on which Papal palace stands. An Etruscan loan-word, not related to vates “sooth-sayer.

vatic–“pertaining to a prophet,” c.1600, from L. vates (see vates) + -ic.

Vedas….The class of “Vedic texts” (vatic) is aggregated around the four canonical Sa?hit?s or Vedas proper (tur?ya), of which three (traya) are related to the performance of yajna (sacrifice) in historical (Iron Age) Vedic religion:

Vaticinate/Vaticinal — PROPHESY, PREDICT (prior-edict or diction)   Origin of VATICINATELatin vaticinatus, past participle of vaticinari,from vates + -cinari (akin to Latin canere to sing) — more a CHANT

Chant (as in Mer-chants): Definition of CHANT 1: to make melodic sounds with the voice; especially: to sing a chant 2: to recite something in a monotonous repetitive tone <protesters were chantingoutside>

Etymology of Chant/Kant: from PIE base *kan- “to sing”

mantra  — 1808, “that part of the Vedas which contains hymns,” from Skt. mantra-s “sacred message or text, charm, spell, counsel,” lit. “instrument of thought,” related to manyate “thinks.” Sense of “special word used for meditation” is first recorded in Eng. 1956

Mercury —mid-12c., from L. Mercurius “Mercury,” the Roman god, originally a god of tradesmen and thieves, from merx “merchandise;” or perhaps from Etruscan and influenced by merx. Later he was associated with Gk. Hermes. The planet closest to the sun so called in classical Latin (late 14c. in English). Sense of “silver-white metal, quicksilver” is first recorded late 14c., when seven metals (bodies terrestrial) were coupled in astrology and alchemy with the seven known heavenly bodies. This one probably so associated for its mobility. The others were Sun/gold, Moon/silver, Mars/iron, Saturn/lead, Jupiter/tin, Venus/copper.  (Alchemy, eh….”ALL-CHEMIST…chemistry…the kemist-tree”; the alchemical text…what are the Masons up to?)

Mercury–was the patron of travellers, merchants (deity of commerce), rogues, and thieves; as well as being the Roman wind deity.   He also escorted the souls of the departed to Hades; and as that character, he was called Psychopompus and under the name of Oneicopompus, he was regarded as the lord of dreams and visions. Mercury is the source of words such as market, merchandise, merchant, and merciful.

(Well for someone who didn’t have much to say….?  Can’t help it, I suppose…the Language Rabbit Hole just keeps getting deeper, even after 12 years of “de-line-ating it”.)


I was in the US Navy’s Nuclear Power Program starting at age 20.  I was onboard their submarines, operated the plant, trained at D1G in Ballston Spa, NY.  I have been inside a Nuclear Plant in shutdown mode; studied the ~400 Training Manuals on all Plant Systems.

STUDY TO SHOW PROOF….Many are called, few CHOOSE.   The problem is CHOICE according to the “Grand Architect”.  I didn’t make this up, so  I leave this one ( to come to your own conclusions.  You might not be able to get into that website without becoming a member, I don’t know.  I have been a member and studied that website for over 12 years.  The clues are left behind….but as Mark Twain said: “The truth is stranger than fiction, because at least fiction has to make sense.”

Please listen to the audio and make it a great day.  All the best….david-parker: williams

Bonus Video


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