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Reminder that the Matrix Has You

by | Oct 31, 2012 | Archived Material, October 2012

Sometimes you just need a change in direction…a change in focus.  For over 2 and 1/2 years, I have taught on the Leontief Matrix and the Federal Acquisition Regulation Matrix.  I have taught on the fact that YOU ARE IN “IT”.  You are in “IT” unless you’ve gotten out of the nation-state-society that’s using the Matrix “dream-world programming”…that you belong to. I have taught about the fact that the Right of Self-Determination IS the “Peaceful Settlement” and the ONLY WAY OUT.

STILL many members either refuse to accept this as REALITY…or revert right back to the programming (mindset/thinking) that’s put out by those that would keep you enslaved in the Leontief Matrix and FAR Matrix.  In MATRIX RELOADED; the Architect told Neo that “hope is the quintessential human delusion”. I humbly disagree. Procrastination is the quintessential human delusion.  It’s because “you/we”…”pretend” (mentally) that you’re not a party to chaos, war, murder and dishonor when you are.   You (or we…the collective so-called conscious) “affirm” in your mind that “it’s not really me” doing the deeds; so since they don’t “stick” to me…”I need do nothing (right now)”.

And, then worse, even when “you” (or we) affirm the “Inevitable Truth” (the Truth that Agent Smith told you was “inevitable”)…once you accept the Truth, “you” still do nothing.  Sound hard?  Maybe, but you know in your “inner core” that this is Right-on-Point.  I recall that last year; I put up an audio by Jim Rohn.  One of Jim Rohn’s greatest principles was that “affirmation without discipline (action) is the beginning of delusion”.  So, I’m certainly not the only one saying it.

So, although I was going to go down the “Religion Rabbit Hole” (and I still will)…apparently “I/we” need a “new solution to the massive onslaught of the “continual programming of INACTION” put out by the MATRIX.

Do you remember watching the Matrix Trilogy?  Did you ever see any of them (including Cypher…i.e. Lu-Cifer) question whether they were “free” while they were in the Matrix?  Did you ever see them “thinking” that they should “continue in the Dream World and that the Matrix was going to “save them”?  Did you see their “collective sigh of relief”….when those in Zion understood that they got the Peace Agreement and were no longer AT WAR with or in the MATRIX?

And….do you remember where the “REAL BATTLE” is?

After thinking about it, I asked the question (seeking an answer from within)…what did it take to “reprogram” someone that was born into the Matrix…born into Slavery and bondage?  What was it that they (those that were out of the Matrix)…what did they do to Neo?

First, they had to rebuild him.  His body and mind had severe Atrophy.  Next, they had to show him what the Desert that the “Real World” had become.  Morpheus told Neo that he’d been living in a Dream World.  Morpheus had to show Neo that “everything he thought had been true; was not true.”  Morpheus had to show Neo that everything he “thought” he knew or had done was built on an illusion and/or…a FALSE FOUNDATION; which is the cause of our/your Illusory Dream World.

Morpheus convinced Neo that his entire (previous) life was not “real”.   Just like you and I, Neo had falsely believed that he was free.  But, the truth for you is, and you know it….THE MATRIX HAS YOU.

(NOTE: Exactly how do you blame someone else….like the alleged Powers That Be…when THEY have their little Corporation called: Holy-Wood; telling everyone THE TRUTH.)

Ok; what came next for Neo?

INTENSE REPROGRAMMING. Remember one of the maxims of Matrix Solutions: ‘EXTREME TIMES CALL FOR EXTREME KNOWLEDGE”.  Neo’s first reprogramming session was 10 hours; non-stop.  Then, after more training sessions; i.e. the woman in the red dress, the Morpheus/Neo Kung Fu challenge, and the Jump Program…Neo had to re-enter the Matrix to learn how to act like someone that was outside the Matrix.  The first challenge on Neo’s re-entry was to bend a spoon by remembering “there is no spoon”….i.e. your past life was built on a False Foundation.

But, this is called “Practical Experience”.  I have this experience.   I have been living by Variation by Agreement and Immunity for over 6 and 1/2 years now.  (And it keeps getting better; because I just got my W8 Foreign Exempt Status affirmed by Prudential and the IRS).

So…where are you in this process?   Are you still assuming that “thinking about being free…makes you free”?

This is the beginning of the change in direction.  The battle is in the mind…and this is where MATRIX SOLUTIONS is going…..RIGHT INSIDE YOUR HEAD.  I had to figure out what makes me tick (or not tick)…and you’re going to have to figure out the same thing.  And, maybe some of you have.  But, it’s just like Neo’s first visit to the Oracle when she pointed out the sign above his head: KNOW THYSELF.

This is the beginning of “NON-TEACHING/TEACHING” COFFEE CALLS.  There’s already enough information on MATRIX SOLUTIONS to “get someone home or outta the system”.  It’s way more information than I had when I “pledged” to a different and separate State/(nation) in order to attain my Immunity.  So, either I’m weird…or others have not figured out what makes them tick.

This blog/(coffee calls) is about 35 minutes and contains movie clips within, as well as information about websites and articles that are going to be discussed in more detail in future coffee calls.   The point is that “it cannot be just me saying it”; because somehow it seems that I’m perceived as an anomaly; instead of a MAN that decided to do something very old and very simple….i.e.: STAND on my own 2 feet and stop being “Re-Presented” by some idiot that’s less intelligent and more “brainwashed” that I am/was.

One of the penalties for refusing to participate in politics is that you end up being governed by your inferiors.

BTW; voting in an election for someone else to Re-Present you is “not” participating in Politics.  They call it “part of the political process”.  Yes, it’s “part”….it’s the “part” where you decide on which idiot you will allow to GOVERN OVER YOU AND THE REST OF THE BODY POLITIC.  But the totality of Politics is Self-Governance….i.e. SELF-DETERMINATION.

Enjoy “the show”.





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