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Required Reading – Confessions of an Economic Hitman

by | Jan 27, 2010 | Archived Material, January 2010


Have you looked around the world in the last decade?  Argentina had the 8th largest global economy until 2001.  Today, it has sunk to third world status and people that were once considered wealthy and living well; millionaires and even billionaires, have lost all.  It happened almost overnight, in what amounts to a heartbeat in time.

And, what about the nation of Zimbabwe?  How is it possible for a currency to experience inflation at 214,000% per day?

The simple fact is, most people will never know how these catastrophes happen.  They shrug their shoulders about a nation’s economic failure, including the one they live in.  They chalk it up to chance, go on about their lives doing business as usual, and hope it doesn’t happen to them.

But what if you knew these economic failures; recessions and depressions are very scientifically and very strategically planned?  What if it could happen to the nation to live in?  What if it’s actually already being planned, and coming to your neighborhood very soon?

Those who fail to study history are doomed to repeat it.  The Argentinian monetary and economic meltdown that that happened in 2001 is happening in the entire first world today.  This book highlights the finer points of how one man can set off a chain of events that sends a nation spiraling into abject poverty.

John Perkins worked for the companies who perpetrate scams that result in the destruction of the entire economic base.  All of it is done in exchange for resources and labor.  As a bonus, we’ve included a YouTube video of him on Democracy Now.

Please bear in mind that John is an insider.  The things he says, he says for a specific purpose, and  that purpose is probably known only to his handlers.  Still, the information provided here is to illustrate a point.  It is the same point that we make on the rest of the site…which is this:

You and most of the planet have gone down a rabbit hole.  You are stuck in a situation like Alice in Wonderland.   The history of the world; and in particular world and national economics, shows that everything you know about money, finance, and economics is wrong…..and it can and will affect you personally.

Since it is true that those that does learn are doomed to repeat mistakes of the past; then your key to find solutions begins with education.   Einstein said it best; “you cannot solve your problems at the same level of thinking you were at when you got into them.”   To create real solutions in your life, it’s time for a real education…and this education is from one who helps create the rabbit hole.


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