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Second Year Anniversary

by | Jan 22, 2012 | Archived Material

January 20th, 2012 officially completed the second year of the posting of the very first blog on Matrix Solutions.  I decided to do a post now; since I have to make a trip to Texas.  This is just a quick run there and back; but takes 3 days.  I also decided that I am going to post a document here to download with a listing of every blog.   This is for those members that don’t “like” going “down the rabbit holes”.And, let me explain this “liking” or “not liking” the format of the website.

I could have done an archive long ago.  And, Aaron and I discussed this on many occasions.  What we discussed more than anything is the fact that what MATRIX SOLUTIONS is for is to compress the members time frames; so that people don’t have to spend the years and years in researching and driving to LAW LIBRARIES…and also “not do” all of the trial and error that I had to do.   As you (may) already know; in 11 years of doing the trial and error that I did….I only got “pulled into court” one time.  And, that time was to testify.  If you recall the blog that contains the audio conversation between myself and “sozo” of Canada…if you end up in court; you have already lost….end of conversation.

To further elucidate on the conversations between Aaron and I; it was me that decided to “not” make MATRIX SOLUTIONS material “too easy”.  In other words; MATRIX SOLUTIONS has been a screening and testing ground for “us” to see which members actually have the tenacity and willpower to “dig for an answer/solutions” versus the vast numbers of people that just WANT EVERYTHING SPOON-FED to them.  The reason that this became an issue is that early on, within 6 months after the launch of MATRIX SOLUTIONS, there was a member on MATRIX SOLUTIONS that wrote to me and said; “Well, I would be willing to sign onto a compact with you, but how am I going to know about the rest of these people…these members?  Why would I “just sign onto a compact with just anyone…especially people that I don’t know and that I don’t know whether I can trust…or whether they actually know something, are “battle-tested” and willing to actually STAND if things get rough?”

Also, as many members know; I was also dealing with and helping Dario Busch during that period of time.  I found out within 2 months that, although I helped Mr. Busch and the Bolivian Embassy in dealing with his arrest, charges, and other problems; Dario Busch is a liar and not an honorable man.  He stole material and ideas from me for his own use and gain…but as “Sam’s Club” or the “universe” was watching; Dario Busch was re-arrested on 2 different occasions within 1 year.  Today, he tries to “sell” that he can help anyone get a court case dismissed; although he has never (on his own) gotten anything “dismissed”.

All blogs are posted somewhere in the RABBIT HOLES, some members don’t want to do any work.  Why? Human Nature.  One of the purposes of MATRIX SOLUTIONS is to try to get people to understand that “nature”…or their own “nature”; which includes things like 1) human’s propensity to procrastinate, 2) human’s propensity to live in fear–become paralyzed and then do nothing when “one should take action, and 3) human ego (no explanation needed…except that you/we/I have an “agent-smith” within and “destroy it”).

So; the protocol for MATRIX SOLUTIONS has always been to go “down the rabbit hole(s)” and understand that every single blog that has been posted is important and should be reviewed by every member.

I would have posted yesterday, but circumstances with my dad didn’t allow it.  He’s in the hospital now and we are hoping that the suffering and lingering will stop soon.  As my dad, himself, told me when I was much younger: “There are some things worse than death”.   I agree.  There’s an old black-and-white movie that I recall the actors saying “when a man has nothing to live for, then life ain’t worth living”.

I told him I’d see him in 3 days when I left the hospital…because as I keep saying “TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE” and “we” (i.e. the People that want OUT)…have work to do.   There’s a 10 minute A/V here…

Enjoy.   (DPW)





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