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Status and Standing

by | Aug 29, 2018 | August 2018, On-Going Training

The focus of this training is to gain a deeper understanding of Status and Standing. David starts the training by answering a question from one of the members in regards to land patents, copyrights, and rental programs. He then transitions into the topic of Status and Standing using the LON, Court Cases, US Code, UN Resolutions, and Treaties.

This training is 1 hour 17 minutes.


0:00 – Answering questions from Tom regarding land patents.

2:37 – LON Book II, Section 81: The Property of the Citizens is the Property of the Nations with respect to Foreign Nations.

7:28 – LON Book II, Section 82: A Consequence of this Principle.

10:08 – LON Book II, Section 216: Debts of the Sovereign and the State.

12:30 – Chapter 8: Introduction to Contract Law: Voidable Contracts.

16:30 – LON Book II, Section 216: Debts of the Sovereign and the State.

17:13 – LON Book IV, Section 12: How the Sovereign may in a Treaty Dispose of what Concerns Individuals.

19:03 – Continuation on Tom’s questions.

25:00 – Convention on the Prevention and Punishments of Crimes Against Internationally Protected Persons, Including Diplomatic Agents (GA Resolution 3166).

32:55 – LON Book IV Ch V: The Right of Embassy or the Right of Sending and Receiving Public Ministers.
+ Section 55: It is Necessary that Nations be Enabled to Treat and Communicate Together.

36:30 – Blacks Law Dictionary – Status (Blacks 6 and Blacks 9).

39:00 – Declare Document – General Immunity Pertaining to Prosecutors, Judges, and Government Agents.

43:09 – Recap Book IV of the LON, UN Resolution 3166, and Padelford Case.

45:00 – LON Book I, Section 220: Whether a Person May Quit his Country.

46:50 – LON Book I, Section 212: Citizens and Natives.

49:18 – Bouvier Dictionary on Constitution.

54:50 – Berg Case: Obama and the DNC (Standing).

1:08:25 – US Code, Title 50: War and National Defense.

1:11:00 – Jubilee of the Constitution: John Quincy Adams.

1:13:50 – Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties.




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