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The Philosophy of (self)Control

by | Sep 20, 2010 | Archived Material, September 2010

I am the Law!!!

You’ll hear often on this site, and more frequently throughout the world, that the way you think is your reality.  This fact is not new, nor is it mine.  These days, critical thinking is an all but dead skill, but it’s a simple one to teach.  When someone uses the word “right,” what is the first thing you think?  Do you think of the right side?  Do you think of a natural right?  Most people think of all words in context.  From reading the word “read,” approximately 60% of readers will think of the active present tense verb form, because of the number of times this is the case when encountered.  About 38% will think of the past tense verb (and about 2% look at the percent signs and think this is a math problem).

When people start actively thinking about their thoughts (the science of philosophy), a remarkable thing happens.  They start to see the futility in their daily actions and change them.  My thirteen-year-old daughter just asked me why drive through ATM’s have braille pads on them.  The short answer is someone who makes rules didn’t think the rule through.

Let’s think for a moment about why it’s so hard to reach people with a truth, despite the fact that the truth is self-evident to you.  There are myriad examples of widely accepted fallacy to choose from, but we’ll start with the most popular topic on this site.  The Declaration of Independence and the Constitution…

Have you ever sat and thought about the logic behind the notion that I can write a document that either confers or denies a right to you?  What about if I were to write a document that denies a right to you, and have all my friends sign it?  Does that make it any more valid?  What if I write it on parchment with a magic pen and put gold stars all over it?  It’s still just as invalid as it would be if I used a green pen and dotted all the I’s with smiley faces.  The only time that documents holds any authority is if you either sign it or you agree by some other means.  The agreement is necessary for the document to hold any weight.  Sadly, everyone in the US has agreed to the rules by which they are bound.

This is the kind of thought process which should apply to every document you read.  Without a basis in the philosophical system (any philosophical system) of your choice, you may never arrive at this point in your thought processes.  The first person who makes a convincing argument will be “right.”  This is the danger of failing to think about thought.

If nothing else, question the thoughts in your head to try to verify that they’re actually yours.  You may find that the thoughts you think about a given subject are actually those of a third-grade teacher or your neighbor Mr. Wilson from your childhood.  For most people, especially those in the patriot community, their thoughts are those of Alex Jones or the crowd at the tea party.  For people on this site, are your thoughts yours, or are you thinking what David Williams has said?  Granted, in the case of the latter, you’re far better off than the former, but you still are not a free-thinker.

Those who would enslave you understand this, and utilize it to their benefit on a constant basis.  Until you grasp this simple fact, you will always be controlled.  I learned of these things and eliminated televisions from my home.  Tell-A-Vision is nothing more than a means of programming the mind to believe fallacy.  The more hours you spend in front of the control box, the easier you are to control.  Should you eliminate your TV’s?  That’s up to you.  Until you think through the pros and cons of doing so, you’re following my example.  You could eliminate cable/satellite and just watch movies (which might save you a few thousand dollars per year), or you might choose to eliminate all the fluff channels from your lineup.  The important thing to remember is, is any of what you learn from the propaganda box important?  If you miss 24, will the world end?  If your kids can’t talk with their friends about what was on the Disney Channel, will they truly be outcast by their friends?  Perhaps a more important question is, do your shadowy masters have TV’s?  Remember folks…  The football game is three hours of time you could have spent reading about self-government.  If you chose to spend it cheering on your team (a team to which you owe no allegiance, and who owes you nothing, and in which you have no ownership stake), be sure you can justify that time.

A modern marketing specialist named Dave Lakhani espouses a theory which makes perfect sense to me.  If you want to be an expert at anything, you MUST spend at least 10,000 hours doing it.  Any less than that and you’ll vary in skill from completely bad to very good, but you won’t be an expert.  It’s time to get good at self-government.

Men can never escape being governed. Either they must govern themselves or they must submit to being governed by others.  –Theodore Roosevelt

Don’t adopt my philosophy, formulate your own.  Learn what makes you tick, and stop becoming an expert at self-distraction.




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