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Too Bad Your Dentist Isn’t a Toxicoligist

by | Feb 8, 2010 | Archived Material, February 2010

You can believe what you will about Fluoride, but the facts do not, nor will they ever, bear out a “pro-fluoride” stance.  What’s funny about fluoride is, it has a history.  The history of fluoride reads much like the history of aspartame.  Nazis use it or something like it to pacify or kill concentration camp inmates, and governments of the world say, “Hey, that’s a good idea.”  As horrible as the camps were, some amazing science came out of the immorality and human evil of those days (I guess Nietzsche was right about one thing after all).

Pesticide in your toothpaste. Read the label…

Personally, I’d rather take a cautious stance than a dangerous one, and that goes for just about everything.  If the preponderance of evidence suggests that a substance is dangerous, and one lone “official” organization is screaming that it’s not, the prudent course of action would be to simply abstain.  According to the ADA’s own website, fluoride ingestion by infants is dangerous.  If it’s dangerous for infants, how, exactly does it become safe or effective for adults and “older children?”  Fluoride kids have lower average IQ’s than children who’ve never been exposed to it, and recently a link between osteosarcoma (a particularly mean-spirited bone cancer) and fluoride was made. It attaches itself to any place in the body calcium would be used, but it doesn’t do what calcium would do.  Folks…  Calcium is present in or necessary for over 80% of the body’s metabolic functions.  When you fill yourself with a substance that takes its place but does none of its work, you’re asking for bad things to happen.  Read up on the effects of lead in the body to see what I’m talking about.

While topical application of Calcium Fluoride has shown a limited effect at combating dental caries (tooth decay), ingestion has never been shown to have any such effect.  Couple this with the fact that “Fluoride” as it’s used in modern dentistry is NOT Calcium Fluoride, but Fluorosilicic Acid (Hydrofluorosilicic Acid), and the argument no longer holds water.  Fluoride is a pacificant, meaning it removes the will to resist from people who ingest it.  I triple frog dare you to read the MSDS on that substance…  I’ll wait…  It’s attached…

Yup… It’s super poisonous but safe…

This is a common practice in the industrial community.  They show a study that says a substance is good, then use a different substance in place of it.  Chromium is a wonderful element, but hexavalent chromium (chromium-6) will kill you.  It’s still chromium, though, and Erin Brockovich got famous fighting for people poisoned by it.  The same works in reverse.  Everybody knows cyanide is a bad thing, but compounds containing cyanide can be healthy, and in some cases necessary.  For instance, look at the chemical name on your bottle of Vitamin B-12.  The word cyanocobalamin means what it says, cyanide and cobalt surrounded by organics make a vitamin.

Fluorosilicic Acid itself is a by-product of a host of industrial processes, such as aluminum smelting and nuclear weapons production.  It’s so toxic that if I walked to within eyeshot of an EPA agent with a thimble full of it and dumped it into a watershed, that would be the last you’d hear of me for a very long time (if ever).  Do not try this at home.

For the time being, you should read the following links.

I’ve attached another file (bottom of the article) that you should read as you have time, from cover to cover.  It was published in 1939 by a Dr. Weston Price and subsequently buried by the Dental community for its implications.  It is the source of my aversion to root-filed teeth (root canals) and processed sugar and flour.  From this work, another book was written recently by a Dr. George E. Meinig, called “Root Canal Cover-Up” which has yet to be refuted by the dental and medical communities other than a few obscure references to it with the accompanying phrase, “efforts to reproduce Dr. Price’s work have been unsuccessful.”  I’ll do an entire article on this topic soon.

The sad fact is, no group would fund such a study.  Dr. Price’s work spanned 25+ years, and the conclusions are pure, unadulterated science.  Simply claiming such a refutation study was done with no supporting documentation doesn’t do anyone any good.  If anyone can show me any such study, we have something to talk about.

The moral to the story is, medical and dental practitioners are just as clueless as we, the commoners, are about things they weren’t taught.  We’re all even more clueless about things we were taught.  I promise you, that if you start digging on this topic, you’ll stop buying fluoride toothpaste and get a whole house filtration system that removes chlorine and fluoride.  Your dentist will call you crazy.  Ask him when he graduated clinical toxicology school, then politely tell him to shut up…


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