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Visigoth Radio 2

by | Aug 31, 2010 | Archived Material, August 2010

This is the continuation of the Interview with Keith Hansen of Visigoth Radio.   I had a  crash in production software yesterday, so this segment is ~14 min.  The remaining 12 minutes will be “re-shot” and “re-produced” and posted later today.

So, please look for it.   All radio shows and conference calls from this point forward will be on MATRIX SOLUTIONS.  They will be edited to remove any “fluff”, foul language (as often occurs when people hear TRUTH about “their condition”), and irrelevancies.


Previously, I said that I was not going to talk as much about “how bad it is” (meaning how hard the system is crashing and going to continue to crash as they prepare to institute the North American Union).  However, that is unavoidable on Radio.  People don’t seek SOLUTIONS until they “wake up”.   And, if you want to see how that really occurs in one man’s life, then my best recommendation is to watch the movie: JFK by Oliver Stone.  Kevin Costner “plays” the part of Jim Garrison who was the New Orleans District Attorney that “woke up” to the fact that “Attorneys in THEIR system” have no STANDING.

Garrison learned that the media and the top-level officials could de-rail any effort to expose the Plot behind Kennedy’s murder.   He learned that “exposing” in THEIR “U.S. System”; can get you and your family incarcerated or killed.   And, I dare say that every member on this site knows of people who were trying to expose contemptible elements of the U.S. MATRIX….banking, chlorine, fluoride, GMO food, education, IRS, etc….that are now  in prison for their efforts.  In fact, some of you know of people that are now dead.

Why are these people in Prison?   NO IMMUNITY.

And, why were some killed?  Because they, like you, are OWNED by the SYSTEM.  You must have an agreement/contract in place that secures Immunity.  This FACT, coupled with the FACT that these people were trying to change a SYSTEM that is not theirs to change.

I know this firsthand.  Together, I and many of the others around me took our complaints all the way to the World Court in the Hague.   That Court looked at one, and only one issue: STANDING.   The World Court wrote letters back to us; specifically stating that our filings were “Refused for Cause due to Lack of Standing to file” in that Court.

This was in 2001 before I gained my STATUS and got an Acknowledged Agreement with the U.S./global-system.





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