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by | Aug 29, 2010 | Archived Material

Good Afternoon everyone.

I hope you’re well and in good spirits.   This blog contains the Radio Program that I did last Friday.  In fact, it is more than just mere audio; I have turned that Radio Show into an A/V presentation.  It’s at the bottom and it ROCKS.

It has been a while since “new” material has come out; so let me explain why.


1) I had to have some dental work 3 weeks ago and I needed to recover.  What a pain in the…mouth.

2)  I got a chance to monitor how many people were actually reading and studying the information and material on the last blog; wherein I placed in several documents and PDFs to read on Diplomacy, Consular Relations, and How to Protect Foreign Nationals Abroad.   In other words; this International material and documentation was about getting you “up to speed” and UNDER-STANDING the protocols that are REQUIRED to live by once you are out of a Debtor Nation Subject Citizen Slave position and operating with Immunity.

The conclusion is this……..

I am going to change directions on the website.  I am no longer going to just “place material” up for study and review.  Too many people are not reading the material.  This is not to cast blame or aspersions on anyone…certainly, not anyone that downloaded and read the material.  However, I have come to realize that many, many people simply do not have the time to read, or absorb massive amounts of material.  This is due the current state of affairs and times we live, wherein, shall we say…”life is getting in the way” because people are  “so busy “with the “normal” routines and stresses that they don’t have adequate time or energy to do the “education download” necessary to become proficient about these materials and protocols.

In addition, some of the people who are downloading and printing off the documents to study and learn; are having a problem with UNDER-STANDING some of the information.   Knowledge is the key to freedom and I appreciate everyone’s effort because I know how “we” all long for freedom.   But, freedom is not free.  It is the ULTIMATE RESPONSIBILITY,…and I now realize is that without some of the background that I have; whereby “we” filed in many federal courts (early on), in the US SUPREME COURT (in 2004), in the UN (on multiple occasions), and 4 cases in the World Court at the Hague in 2002; many people simply do not and will not have the experiences necessary to UNDER-STAND some of the technicalities of the International Agreements, Treaties, and Protocols.   I didn’t have it in the beginning, either….and believe me…the learning never stops.  Especially for me, because mistakes can be more costly at the International level.

However, complaining is not profitable when education is thenecessary answer, and there is no such thing as a problem without a solution to me.  That is where the name: MATRIX SOLUTIONS came from.  So, creating a Solution in this current states of affairs is my JOB.

So, here’s what “we” are going to do to make sure that everyone understands and properly “downloads this in-CODED-system” (i.e. learns) like Neo did in the movie….so that he could “see” and then create a Paradigm (State) necessary to “come out in Peace”:

1)  I will stop talking about the “problem” as much.   When it comes to basics, people want to know 2 general things.   We all want to know “how bad it is” and “what we can do about it”.   So, I am going to produce a DVD series that will lay out nearly every aspect of “law and history” in the United States.  It will “dis-spell” you from notions that you have any “rights” in a DEBTOR NATION-STATE JURISDICTION.  If you don’t know the “codes of the Matrix”, you could get caught in them and violate the International Public Order; unintentionally.  The DVD Series will be called THE LEGAL MATRIX, A Web of Catch 22’s.

2) From now on, the website will become geared towards presentations done either by me (individually) or by me teaching or talking with other people (whether leaders or learners) about International Law, International Protocols, and “total” Self-Determination.  All Educational Presentations on International Law, or a Treaty, or an International Convention will be in A/V format.  This will be done so that I can read the pure text of the document and then elaborate on the significant parts and/or explain the parts that may be vague or easy to “miss”-Under-Stand.

It will take longer for me to produce, but again; that’s my JOB.  People must know the truth and that TRUTH is that “you have no rights and you own nothing”.


Uncle Sam’s Club is not here to “secure anything for you”.   This is why THEY left the door open Self-Determination in Law of Nations, in Treaties, and in International Law.  You cannot protect any property or resources without exercising the Right of Self-Determination, because “the stuff” that you “think” is “your stuff” is not “your stuff”….because it belongs to the State to which you BELONG as  Subject-Citizen Chattel.   That includes your children, because your “little ones” BELONG to Sam, as well.

Now, that’s THE CONDITION.!!

NOTE:  They even got you to call them “children”…i.e. “Killed-ren”…because you CONFESSED TO THE SYSTEM that your “little ones” were DEAD ON ARRIVAL.  Yes….by not UNDER-STANDING the “pen”…you “killed them” on paper upon arrival.   To top that off, THEY got you to then “raise an addition to the Adult Human Race”….meaning an addition to the Adulterous Hue-moon Res or Adulterous Monster Thing.  Still, think that the Illuminati and Captain Kirk (the “ch”ur”ch”/Vatican) are playing a game?   Captain Kurk/church and its cohorts/courts run this ENTERPRISE through their COMPANIES of SOLDIERS (who sold themselves).   THEY pay “wages” to Companies to “wage war” through (your) occupation.  It’s their “prize” and juris-DICTION is their most powerful SILENT WEAPON.    Look up the words-sword being used against you against and Silent Weapons technology.   CourtcohortSilent Weapons for Quiet Wars


There are 2 parts to exercising total self-determination (stewardship).   First, comes Economic Determination and, then, the Right of Self-Determination.   Both of these must coincide and be done jointly because they go “hand-in-hand”.  You cannot “self-determine” if you are broke and have no resources.  THE LAW OF NECESSITY (survival) is the most primal law of all  Principles in this Universe.

And, you cannot protect any asset that you may acquire; because…since you BELONG to the State…the STATE owns your body, your energy, your mind, and therefore, even your intellectual property.  You cannot protect it by “patenting” in their “jurisdiction”; any more so than if you created a New Product or Technology while working at IBM.   It is a Master-Slave relationship.

And, as far as “lasting peace and security and protection of asset”; we know that the forerunners using the Law of Nations stated that to “secure these freedoms” you must INSTITUTE A GOVERNMENT….which no one can do alone.  But, during times of change, times of oppression, and times of “evolution”; there are some people that are “called out” ahead of others.  I am a part of those people.

And I am not alone….there are others.  It is not because “we” are any smarter or more special; it’s a CHOICE.   The problem, as you were told…is CHOICE.   That CHOICE is called the Right of Self-Determination of peoples.

Here’s the bottom line about Matrix Solutions and the Right of Self-Determination…it’s the only KEY that fits the DOOR. The Presentation below is a Visigoth Radio Show turned audio/visual to enhance the message conveyed.  I had to do it in 3 parts.  This is Part 1–31 minutes.   The rest will be up tomorrow.

All the best.  Enjoy.



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