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Wasscalwy medical wabbit pulled from his Ecuadorian Hole

by | Mar 29, 2010 | Archived Material, March 2010

Too bad he can’t stay, huh?

This one is audio only folks.   No video needed here, because the audio “does all the talking”

We have been mainly focused on the legal and banking, but we all know that there’s much more to the Matrix than just one rabbit hole.   Many people are trying to assist the world with technological and medical “remedies”. But many of those that make these “breakthroughs” are the ones that end up broken, commonly driven from the ranks of their professions, most always driven from society and forced to “run and hide”…..or worse, rounded up and placed in prison for daring to offer an “alternative”.

The 10-minute audio below reveals a hands-on tale of what it means to be a U.S. citizen who bucks the establishment and public policy; then believed that building a hideaway in a foreign jurisdiction would provide a safeguard for his personal freedom.

So what the point?

Simple, the Right of Self-determination is about becoming a Self-governing individual.  Becoming a Self-determinant individual is about “assuming your separate and equal station among the powers of the Earth”, in order that you can properly protect and have access to technological and medical advancements when the jurisdiction/State that you find yourself in is cutting off your access to these remedies.


By treaty and agreements whereby you no longer ask someone for a license, but you become the granter of the license of the product or service that you want and need.

Bottom line….hiding doesn’t work as you will clearly hear in detail.





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