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deprogrammingseries.com is dedicated to delivering practical and responsible content and resources to help people grow and succeed in the global legal climate. We have developed this detailed site-wide disclosure policy to guide our business and all of our communications.

deprogrammingseries.com  gives tips, advice and answers to questions concerning the M.A.P. to Freedom; 1) Maintaining good health, 2) Acquiring financial independence, and 3) Protecting one and two via the Right of Self-Determination.  the methods for fixing the way you think about your country and a means of fixing what is perceived as wrong with it, and specifically what not to do when seeking political refuge. Our internal and external experts, contributors and bloggers give advice that may not necessarily represent the views of the company. We encourage open miscommunication and the flow of ideas.

Of course, we will endeavor to disclose whether the author has a commercial interest in any of the information or services mentioned in the article. deprogrammingseries.com always strives to operate with the highest levels of integrity and transparency. Here are the key components of our disclosure policy:


We endeavor to comply with the following:

  1. When an internal or external writer or blogger publishes a column or article on our behalf that includes information about a product or service, if applicable, the fact that they have a commercial interest in that product or service is required to be disclosed at the end of the article. Our writers are directed to disclose any relationship with a source that may compromise their objectivity.
  2. Our writers are instructed not to give preferential treatment to any outside resource (publication, video, affiliate, Web site), based on their relationship with the person or company who authors or owns that resource.
  3. Some of the content found on our site is provided by outside publications. These articles should typically have clearly identifiable logos and/or labels indicating their source. We cannot be responsible for any commercial interest that a writer from an outside publication may have had when they wrote the article.
  4. When we collect information from you during a preregistration, how we use that information is subject to our Pri­vacy Pol­icy and Terms of Use Agreement.


We have designed our disclosure policy to serve our community and our staff fairly. You should remember to consider every piece of information you receive, not as a de facto recommendation, but as an idea for further considerations. Our disclosure policy does not relieve individuals from taking responsibility for their own decisions. Due diligence and critical thought are crucial.

If you’d like to offer us any feedback on our disclosure policy, please contact us.

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